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100298 Expect additional topping options such as grated ice , red beans , glutinous rice , grass jelly and creamed corn ; making this yummy dessert just perfect for the sunny weather here in Singapore .
101620 Like the chicken rice , the accompanying chilli condiment can make all the difference ; sometimes the chilli and plain lemak rice is enough for a satisfying meal .
101621 Nasi lemak is always enjoyable whether at breakfast or any other time of day , and some stalls still retain the tradition of wrapping the rice in a banana leaf to enhance its flavour .
101622 It is commonly found at food centres in Singapore , with the more famous nasi lemak stalls being the ones at the Adam_Road_Food_Centre .
102619 Set menus here change weekly , and all-time favourites include the tiger prawns with citrus cream on grape salsa , shark 's fin in abalone with hot and sour soup , and the grilled Wagyu in green apple sesame reduction .
102661 After a stroll through the gardens , drop by for buttery scones with ginger- perfumed fresh cream and home-style apricot and ginger jam , miniature cakes and open-faced sandwiches during tea time .
103095 And while you 're indulging yourself , also relish the restaurant 's popular hot homemade almond cream with sesame dumpling dessert .

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