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100039 Egg noodles are also used , and are usually yellow , springy and flat .
100338 Apart from its all-day dining menu , TWG_Tea also serves six weekend brunch sets featuring dishes such as fresh farmhouse eggs scrambled with green tea and saffron or white truffle oil , and tuna tartare tossed in tea vinaigrette .
100646 Their homemade carrot cake is steamed on site , then fried with egg till crisp on the outside and soft on the inside .
100765 Extremely popular treats from Tong_Heng_Confectionary include the egg tarts and the curry puffs .
101102 The thick dark sauce is often what determines whether a bowl of Lor_Mee is average or great , and it is made by stewing a combination of pork bones , eggs and spices .
101104 Ingredients that go into Lor_Mee vary , but commonly found items include braised pork , fish cake , braised eggs and slices of Ngo_Hiang ( fried meat roll ) .
101477 Featuring fine haute cuisine using carefully selected produce , you 'll find signature dishes such as Côte de Gros_Turbot , Turbot steamed with spinach , with a poached egg on a slotted platter atop a soup bowl filled with fish bouillon , and Chef_Savoy 's deceptively simple artichoke soup with black truffles .
101517 You can also get a taste of popular local Indian-Muslim dishes such as roti pratas , murtabak - ( prata stuffed with minced meat , eggs and onions ) and nasi briyani , a saffron rice dish with spicy chicken or mutton .
101594 Some must-try items here at Maxwell_Road_Hawker_Market include the famous Tian_Tian_Chicken_Rice , the traditional congee with pork and century egg from Zhen_Zhen_Porridge stall and the popular char kway teow from the Marina_South_Delicious_Food stall .
101619 There are two versions of this classic ; the Malay ( original ) version has a straightforward offering of ikan bilis ( fried anchovies ) and nuts , fried fish , cucumber and sometimes an egg ; whereas the Chinese version , like Chong_Pang_Nasi_Lemak and the Changi_Village_Nasi_Lemak ( take the Bus. No. 2 to the Changi_Village market to sample this unforgettable version ) have a whole bunch of things like deep fried drumstick , chicken franks , fish cake , curried vegetables and luncheon meat ( Asian Spam ) in it .

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