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100035 The Singaporean and Malaysian versions are largely similar , offering slices of Char_Siew ( barbecued pork ) , in addition to bite-sized dumplings and leafy vegetables .
100196 Its wet market downstairs sells fresh seafood , fruits , and vegetables that have been flown in from Sri_Lanka and India .
100621 Purists will be delighted to know that Chef_Iaccarino grows his own herbs , fruits and vegetables , and every meal at his restaurant contains the purest of ingredients that are sowed in the mineral rich region of Campania .
101780 In general , most Chinese meals offer you rice accompanied by small portions of several types of meat , poultry , fish , and vegetables .
102041 Other dishes served here include pig kidney soup , pigtail soup , preserved vegetable with garlic , and stewed pork trotters .
102519 From spicy sayur lodeh ( vegetable soup ) and the popular beef rendang to Oxtail soup , every special home-cooked recipe can be found here , along with a generous portion of steamed rice .
102707 The Chinese tend to have it alongside smaller dishes of vegetables and meat ; head down to McCullum_Street in the heart of the city for a taste at the famous Ocean_Fish_Head_Curry eatery .
102920 First try the milder dishes like the Sayur_Lodeh ( spicy vegetable stew ) and Terong_Kicap ( eggplant in soya sance ) before moving on to the more savoury ones like the Sambal_Udang ( prawns in chilli paste ) .
104119 Dine at a Peranakan restaurant such as Baba_Inn_&_Lounge or True_Blue_Cuisine and you 'll be able to sample signature dishes like the otak-otak , a blend of fish , coconut milk , chilli paste , galangal and herbs wrapped in a banana leaf ; ayam buah keluak , a chicken dish cooked with nuts in a rich sauce ; and itek tim , a classic soup made using duck , tomatoes , green peppers , salted vegetables and preserved sour plums simmered together .
104193 Offering excellent starters like cured meats , crudites ( raw fresh vegetables ) , potato skins with sour cream and stuffed olives , as well as sumptuous mains like pasta , risotto , roast beef , fish , the food here is simple and great tasting .

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