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18811 The question now is whether we should take a premature lunch here , or run our chance of starving before we reach the buffet at Newhaven . '
101046 During Hari_Raya , there will be a Ramadan celebration dinner buffet available daily , and will feature show kitchen where you can watch as the chefs fire up their woks and prepare your orders right in front of you .
101112 At this hidden gem of an eatery , its impressive range of over 100 options in their buffet spread is sure to leave you more than satisfied .
101467 Nasi padang dishes are typically shared like a mini buffet with friends or family , each member helping himself to his personal favourites and placing a scoop of everything on his plate of rice .
102248 With a selection of over 60 items on the buffet spread , you can indulge in a colourful gastronomic experience with food made from the finest ingredients and crafted by master chefs from Penang .
102249 This famous buffet features a wide range of classic favourites such as prawn noodles , laksa , popiah and char kway teow that will make your mouth water .
102921 Offering an All- You- Can- Eat Set Lunch and a dinner buffet , The_Rice_Table sees throngs of Indonesian food lovers each day .
103305 This is probably why locals keep coming back in droves to hit the buffet spread .
103829 With a wide variety of Indian vegetarian dishes in its buffet spread , this unpretentious restaurant definitely puts great thought into its food , besides giving back to the society .
104079 With a menu of contemporary French dishes , Au_Jardin by Les_Amis features a degustation menu as well as a semi-buffet brunch on Fridays and Sundays .

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