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13484 Percy Phelps and his nurse looked at Holmes during this demonstration with surprise and a good deal of disappointment written upon their faces .
48714 Stapleton turned a ghastly face upon us , but by a supreme effort he had overcome his amazement and his disappointment .
55811 A groan of disappointment came up from below , and the folk all trooped away in different directions , until there was not a red head to be seen except my own and that of the manager .
61445 While each event was a significant political shift and had an enormous impact on postwar politics , in looking back at the past year and a_half , it appears that the people 's frustration and disappointment have been amplified since even though these major changes in politics occurred , they stopped short of turning into a large-scale political reform to reach and destroy the innermost core of the existing political structure .
61450 To put it after a movie 's title , despite a " clear and present danger " hovering over politics , neither the political parties nor politicians are making efforts to bury the gap between expectation and disappointment .
100751 Note that reservations may be required at some places , so do call in advance to avoid disappointment .
101028 Ticket prices are in the range of S$188 to S$3745 , so race to get your tickets now to avoid any disappointment .
101114 You may choose to come down for a late dinner after 8pm when the place quietens down a notch , but we recommend making early reservations to avoid disappointment .

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