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11221 Finally he sprang from his chair with a cry of satisfaction , and walked up and down the room rubbing his hands together .
11396 Then , with a cry of satisfaction , he bent forward and picked up a little brazen cylinder .
46148 Holmes returned to his seat with that quiet look of inward satisfaction which meant that he had a congenial task before him .
46299 What do you think of that , Watson ? ' cried Holmes , in high glee , rubbing his hands together with satisfaction .
46456 An instant afterwards he gave a little cry of satisfaction , and , following the direction of his eager eyes , I saw that a hansom cab with a man inside which had halted on the other side of the street was now walking slowly onwards again .
48369 Frankland clapped his eye to it and gave a cry of satisfaction .
49260 She gave a long sigh of satisfaction .
51352 It might be a satisfaction to His Majesty to regain it with his own hands . '
61619 You learn how precious life is and there is a sense of satisfaction through the act of giving love .
100003 In conjunction with the 14- day event , partner restaurants have created exclusive menus and gastronomic meals for your pure satisfaction .

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