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13172 Now I am clear again , though I dare not think of it too much for fear of a relapse .
13253 I shall give directions that you may remain behind when the others go , so that you may copy it at your leisure , without fear of being overlooked .
13699 His expression grew very grave as he spoke , and a look of something akin to fear sprang up in his eyes .
47101 Sir Henry has , I suppose , no superstitious fears in the matter ? '
47240 I was standing watching his pursuit with a mixture of admiration for his extraordinary activity and fear lest he should lose his footing in the treacherous Mire , when I heard the sound of steps , and , turning round , found a woman near me upon the path .
49411 He distrusted his wife ever since she had refused to help him in laying a trap for the old man , and he dared not leave her long out of his sight for fear he should lose his influence over her .
51384 ' Because it would spare Your Majesty all fear of future annoyance .
60810 When Koch 's name was announced as a challenger in the 1990 Defender_'s_Cup , it did not generate much fear on the part of the other competitors .

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