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46573 So furious was he that he was hardly articulate , and when he did speak it was in a much broader and more Western dialect than any which we had heard from him in the morning .
50944 ' You had my note ? ' he asked , with a deep , harsh voice and a strongly marked German accent .
100480 It is a unique blend of English , Chinese , Malay , Tamil and local dialects .
100694 It is not uncommon to see various forms of tentage set up in open fields during this period , for the Chinese also believe in entertaining the spirits with boisterous live wayang and getai performances not only depicting tales of the divine gods and goddesses , but also bawdy stand-up comedy with a local twang , song and dance numbers in the various Chinese dialects and even sensually acrobatic pole dancing by felinely lithe spandex clad dancers .
100735 Among the different Chinese dialects , Mandarin is promoted as the main language for the Chinese instead of others like Hokkien , Teochew , Cantonese , Hakka , Hainanese and Foochow .
100774 This year , the Singapore_Food_Festival aims to showcase the special dishes of the five main Chinese dialect groups in Singapore , namely Hokkien , Teochew , Cantonese , Hakka and Hainanese .
102079 This year , the event has been themed around the signature dishes of the main Chinese dialect groups of Singapore , so you can be sure to enjoy and savour the unique flavours of local cuisine , while you also discover our distinctive Chinese cultural traditions .
102080 Honour our heritage through food as we showcase the specialty dishes of Singapore 's main dialect groups in Chinese culture .
103107 It later relocated to Mohamed_Sultan road , and the temple now draws worshippers from different dialect groups .

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