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11559 " I guess the very best case I can make for myself is the absolute naked truth . "
11587 That 's God 's truth , gentlemen , every word of it , and I heard no more about it until that lad came riding up with a note which made me walk in here , like a jay , and give myself into your hands . "
46756 ' The truth is that the gentleman told me that he was a detective , and that I was to say nothing about him to anyone . '
46990 But to tell the truth , sir , we were both very much attached to Sir Charles , and his death gave us a shock and made these surroundings very painful to us .
47682 ' Look here , Barrymore , ' said Sir Henry , sternly , ' we have made up our minds to have the truth out of you , so it will save you trouble to tell it sooner rather than later .
47748 That is the whole truth , as I am an honest Christian woman , and you will see that if there is blame in the matter it does not lie with my husband , but with me , for whose sake he has done all that he has . '
47820 You need not fear to speak the truth . '
48243 ' That is the truth . '
48273 The probability was , therefore , that she was telling the truth , or , at least , a part of the truth .
49017 Not one word of truth has he ever told me .

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