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60142 If the Diet members had been asked this question last January , how many of them would have given the name of Tomiichi_Murayama ?
60145 The results showed 28_% of the members gave the name of the incumbent prime minister Tomiichi_Murayama .
60154 Members of the NFP , which demands an early dissolution and general election , wrote Kaifu 's name with a hope of the reversal of the ruling and opposition parties and the following creation of a Kaifu administration .
60156 This is largely attributable to the fact that there were more than a few members who mentioned the name of Tsutomu_Hata , deputy chief of the NFP .
60164 The questionnaire also asked the lower house members to give the names of the party leaders and cadre toward whom they have a favorable opinion .
60530 In 1937 the 23rd Honinbo_Shusai decided to retire and yielded the Honinbo name to the Tokyo_Nichinichi and Osaka_Mainichi_Daily_News newspapers in order to establish a Honinbo title system based on open competition .
60531 In exchange for the exclusive rights to the go records , both newspaper companies ceded the Honinbo name to the Japan_Go_Association .
60532 The concept of open competition for the Honinbo name alone was a landmark decision , but the introduction of the presently used komi , or compensatory point , system was also an innovation .
60554 He won five consecutive titles to become the third person to earn the name of Honorary_Honinbo .
60654 This is because they say , " If Hatoyama announces his candidacy , Ishihara will be at a disadvantage because his name is not as familiar to people . "

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