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60352 The largest local Chinese language daily newspaper , the Sing_Tao_Daily , illustrates this point .
61239 " In order to pass muster in international society , first of all one must be good at communication . In pursuit of this , a minimum requirement is to acquire a mastery of foreign languages , especially English . Then it is desirable that one be able to look at things from a broad , global perspective , and to be able to associate with people in a natural manner . "
100479 While it may not be recognised in the world as a formal language , a bit of knowledge on Singlish is definitely essential when travelling around Singapore .
100481 To some , it is a beautiful language that proudly displays the multi-cultural character of our society ; to others , it is a colloquialism so full of grammatical errors that it makes you squirm each time you hear it .
100718 Drawn by the lure of better prospects , the immigrants brought with them their own cultures , languages , customs and festivals .
100725 As a reflection of its collage of cultures , Singapore has adopted one representative language for each of the four major ethnic or ' racial ' groups .
100726 The four official languages in Singapore 's constitution are English , Chinese , Malay and Tamil .
100727 However , in recognition of the status of the Malay people as the indigenous community in Singapore , the national language of the country is Bahasa_Melayu , or the Malay Language .
100728 The presence of other languages , especially the varieties of Malay and Chinese , has obviously had an influence on the type of English that is used in Singapore .
100730 A badge of identity for many Singaporeans , it represents a hybrid form of the language that includes words from Malay , as well as Chinese and Indian languages .

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