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61362 Based on the very painful experience of the Minamata_Disease over forty some years , it can be said that the level of technology developed by Japan for analyzing the effects of organic mercury on the natural environment and the human body is the highest in the world .
61550 Amidst the advancement of medical technology and the aging society , doctors with a well-rounded personality and a wide-range of skills have increasingly been in demand .
100940 A haven for techology geeks , Funan offers the newest and widest range of gadgets , from laptops and desktop computers to printers and digital cameras .
102255 Sports aside , the World_Expo is a global and non-commercial exposition that aims to promote the exchange of ideas and development of the world 's economy , culture , science and technology .
103216 When his friends and relatives were interested in pursuing well-trodden fields like engineering and medicine , he decided to enrol himself in hospitality management .
104043 From technology showcases , to fashion shows and arts exhibitions , there 's so much in store at the Grand_Prix_Season_Singapore .

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