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11438 I am fairly familiar with all forms of secret writings , and am myself the author of a trifling monograph upon the subject , in which I analyze one hundred and sixty separate ciphers , but I confess that this is entirely new to me .
60047 To do so , a dramatic change of generations will be required in a variety of fields .
60083 In the field of " economic society , " he indicated the necessity of economic restructuring as a measure against de-industrialization and unemployment , and in " a gentle society " heartfelt education and measures against guns and drugs .
60090 The second goal is " creation of intellectual assets which will be handed over to the next generation , " and we will promote more satisfactory basic studies and more creative technological development to create new industrial fields .
60302 Masayuki_Imai , a ceramic artist who uses unique decorative techniques and has been selected for the Nitten_Japan_Fine_Arts_Exhibition , has long pursued the field of pottery .
60326 The Mainichi_Newspaper selection committee chose the winners after receiving a wide range of nominations from each field of the arts and vetting them through our advisors .
61084 The museum is expected to contribute to the progress of botanical study in Brazil , which is a genetic resource treasury of flora .
61088 Hashimoto , who had been an enthusiastic collector of plants in Japan , devoted himself to botanical study in Brazil , working for an agricultural testing institute , and other places , and established the Sao_Paulo_Association_of_Natural_Studies in 1950 .
61543 For example , the number of hours of instruction is specified per grade for each subject , moral education , and special activities , with 306 being the hours for Japanese and 850 the total number of hours of instructions for the first grade .
61576 In the same breath , we hope to see more high-caliber doctors certified in specialized fields .

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