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18797 I am too old a traveller to allow myself to be seriously inconvenienced by the loss of my luggage , but I confess that I was annoyed at the idea of being forced to dodge and hide before a man whose record was black with unutterable infamies .
46134 ' And then you will say nothing to him at all until I have made up my mind about the matter . '
61337 Behind such pessimism , the idea of the two-stage unification is once again being discussed between Germany and Italy .
61403 While the Supreme_Court , too , is looking towards increasing the number of personnel , it seems difficult for them to easily bring up the idea of sharply increasing the number of staff in the midst of the downsizing in the name of " administrative reform . "
62064 The budget was prepared with the ideas of expansion of the bullet train lines , expressways , ports and harbors , bridges and other structures being the priority .
62076 In the issue concerning the expansion of the North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization ( NATO ) to include Eastern_Europe , the US , which insisted on an " early admission , " was radically opposed by Russia , which objects to the idea .
62092 However , as pointed out before , the Yeltsin administration has deviated from its original idea of promoting democracy and reform to adopt increasingly anti-democratic , iron-fisted closed-door policies .
62114 In the event of a major disaster , the SDF may act on their own , but we do not think mobilizing a large number of troops is a good idea .
100618 So when the young Chef_Iaccarino announced to his family that he was going to open his own restaurant after he had graduated , it came as no surprise that they disapproved of the idea .
102978 If you need some ideas on what you can do , watch these videos and prepare for an awesome night out !

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