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61451 While we appreciate that the opposition now has a larger framework with the formation of the New_Frontier_Party , the differences in political beliefs or agenda among the various parties that joined to form the new party were tucked away without being resolved and the number crunching to simply ensure their survival by addressing the single-seat constituency was made a priority .
61733 To begin with , what is making the concept of this new party unclear is that aside from those members who are genuinely considering the third viable political force , there are unexpectedly many members who are trying to win the support of the New_Frontier_Party due to the situation at their respective ridings , overlapping with the coalition 's hidden agenda to quickly patch up the possible split between the SDP and the former Democratic_Socialist_Party .
62095 Continuing support for a government that is busy with its own agenda of clinging to power and reckless military adventures , while paying no attention to democratization and economic reform , is against the will of the people of the supporting nations .

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