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55799 `` He has every requirement .
61239 " In order to pass muster in international society , first of all one must be good at communication . In pursuit of this , a minimum requirement is to acquire a mastery of foreign languages , especially English . Then it is desirable that one be able to look at things from a broad , global perspective , and to be able to associate with people in a natural manner . "
61842 " The fall of the Liberal_Democratic_Party from power was the result of continuing corruption scandals and its arrogance , and the first prerequisite for them to return to power is to have the public accept the fact that ' the LDP is remorseful . ' "
103962 Tourist Enquiries_Hotel_Reservations_Free_City_Shuttle to Town * Free_Singapore_Tour ** Taxi_Tourist_Guide *** * Airport passengers who have at least 5 hours to spare in transit , can catch the Free_City_Shuttle to town ( scheduled at regular intervals ) , and hop onto the Singapore_Flyer , currently the world 's largest observation wheel , or to discover Singapore 's ethnic heritage at Little_India , or opt for retail therapy at Suntec_City or Bugis_Street ( subject to visa requirements ) .
104359 All transit passengers who satisfy the above criteria are not guaranteed entry but are still subjected to Singapore 's prevailing entry requirements .
104365 Transit passengers who satisfy all the above requirements and allowed entry will be granted a stay of up to 96 hours ( 4 days ) in Singapore .

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