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60640 The New_Year has come while the selection of candidates for the gubernatorial election of Tokyo slated for this spring remains confused .
60646 They are going to establish a " liaison council " in early January for the selection and backup of their own candidate , in cooperation with the prefectural assembly members .
101242 With a ‘less is more ' spirit , he finds creative freedom in culinary compositions that reap clear flavours and flawless textures , each effort bound by a fastidious selection of seasonal ingredients chosen from a mere handful of producers globally .
101378 DOMVS is the perfect place for a gourmand who will appreciate its reassuring and peaceful ambience , and its generous wine and spirits list that includes Grappa selections .
101537 Simple yet tasty , Hainanese chicken rice is Singaporeans ' choice comfort food , making it another must-try .
102977 Take your pick from a wide range of activities in the vibrant nightlife precincts of Clarke_Quay , Boat_Quay and Robertson_Quay which are just around the circuit for post-race fun .
103227 Be the first to order and sneak a peek at what others have ordered while on your way to your stall of choice , or volunteer to be the last ( if your stomach can take it ) so you can observe the crowds of people that arrive .
103254 With a slew of new lifestyle picks , web tools , recommendations and even a holiday planner at your fingertips , you can decide how you want your Singapore holiday .

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