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102081 Be welcomed to a spread of dishes and cultural explorations as you experience local food culture at its best at the Singapore_Food_Festival 2010 .
102310 In addition to the musical segment , there are also three coves where you can view images of Singapore landscapes , designs and food culture .
102640 Traditional instruments such as the erhu , drums and cymbals are commonly used in Chinese opera , accompanied by colourful and outlandish costumes and rich makeup to create mesmerising yet culturally-steeped performances .
102757 The Heritage_Shop 's huge collection is filled with old artwork , 1950s advertising posters , books and other pop culture paraphernalia .
102788 It is architecturally inspired by the harmonious combination of the Buddhist mandala and the art culture of Buddhism in the Tang dynasty .
103235 The result : a fascinating fusion of Malay and Chinese cultures , complemented by influences borrowed from the Dutch , Portuguese , British , Thai and Indians .
103450 Established in 1977 , the festival aims to promote Singapore as one of Asia 's premier capitals for culture and the arts .
103757 If you 're after a bit of culture to bring away with you , True_Blue_Cuisine offers just that , with its brand of opulence reflected everywhere from its intricate décor in its newly- opened Armenian_Street branch , to the merchandise sold in its shop .
103903 If they do not get it , they feel that the solution is to pump in more culture .
103918 As a parent , if you 're very happy that your child knows what 2 + 2 is or that Tokyo is the capital of Japan , you should also teach them about culture and have the same level of happiness when they not only know about international acts but also local artists , musicians .

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