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10035 " We shall soon set matters right , I have no doubt .
11206 But there is a tone in my wife 's voice , Mr. Holmes , and a look in her eyes which forbid doubt , and I am sure that it was indeed my own safety that was in her mind .
18809 ' There can not be the least doubt that he would have made a murderous attack upon me .
46311 ' If any possible doubt remained it is settled by the fact that `` keep away '' and `` from the '' are cut out in one piece . '
46919 The commutation of his death sentence had been due to some doubts as to his complete sanity , so atrocious was his conduct .
47686 The fellow looked at us in a helpless way , and he wrung his hands together like one who is in the last extremity of doubt and misery .
48327 ' Some poaching case , no doubt ? ' said I , with an indifferent manner .
48463 You threw it down , no doubt , at that supreme moment when you charged into the empty hut . '
48698 I have no doubt that you and I could carry it so far .
103352 Named after the Tang_Dynasty poet , Li_Bai is without doubt one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Singapore .

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