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10064 " I am all attention , madam . "
10405 He squatted down in front of the wooden chair and examined the seat of it with the greatest attention .
11106 Holmes had listened to his story with the utmost attention , and now he sat for some time in silent thought .
61456 In response to the implementation of the single-seated constituency , both the parties and politicians are too preoccupied with their own s survival and saving their own status to pay attention to the " reform " which Japanese politics should embrace .
61801 Given this situation , the law for NPO ( Non-Profit Organization ) that has been acclaimed as the powerful driving force in revitalizing the American society has attracted much attention .
61975 These days , as people are too turned off to pay attention to the " mediocrity " at the Diet that has become hollow where words are said and heard with nobody challenging them , we have to give credit to the New_Frontier_Party for using their ingenuity to come up with a different debate format from that in the past .
62018 It was naturally expected a great deal of attention would be focuses on such a special speech , we have to wonder how much effort the prime minister had put into it .
62046 Firstly , a financially provision to secure the livelihood of the victims needs immediate attention as an interim measure .
62095 Continuing support for a government that is busy with its own agenda of clinging to power and reckless military adventures , while paying no attention to democratization and economic reform , is against the will of the people of the supporting nations .
62115 We had better pay some attention to the point the Defense_Agency has made that even if they rushed out to the disaster area on their own , they would not know exactly what sort of work is needed at that point in time .

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