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10512 I confess that I felt easier in my mind when , after following Holmes ' example and slipping off my shoes , I found myself inside the bedroom .
11205 For an instant it had crossed my mind that perhaps what she really feared was that HE might come to harm , for I could not doubt that she knew who this man was , and what he meant by these strange signals .
11206 But there is a tone in my wife 's voice , Mr. Holmes , and a look in her eyes which forbid doubt , and I am sure that it was indeed my own safety that was in her mind .
61263 It should be possible to look at things from other people 's perspective and , with a " sharing heart and mind , " to associate in a natural manner with the rest of the world 's people .
61374 It is our hope to contribute to the humanitarian international cooperation that transcends borders while always keeping in mind the suffering of the Minamata_Disease victims .
62052 It is said that the prompt decision made by the government and the Bank_of_Japan to offer financial measures that were subsequently delivered as a comprehensive package helped to stabilize the public 's mind .
102688 When you think of a Chinese restaurant , it being hip will be the last thing on your mind .
102764 With more gastronomic meals and exciting creations in store , the last thing on your mind will be the waistline .
102867 Remember to savour this lovely dessert dish slowly , or else : Brain Freeze !
102869 But bear this in mind : A good ice kachang is one where the ice is cleanly shaven to very small bits ; so much so that when you put a spoonful in your mouth , the ice should just melt in your mouth together with the sweet tasting syrup .

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