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13151 No case , however , in which Holmes was ever engaged has illustrated the value of his analytical methods so clearly or has impressed those who were associated with him so deeply .
13333 `` A document of immense value has been stolen from the Foreign Office .
13491 ' You have furnished me with seven , but of course I must test them before I can pronounce upon their value . '
13543 ' Well , we have several , but we can only test their value by further inquiry .
13948 A glance showed him that chance had put in his way a State document of immense value , and in a flash he had thrust it into his pocket and was gone .
13950 ' He made his way to Woking by the first train , and , having examined his booty , and assured himself that it really was of immense value , he concealed it in what he thought was a very safe place , with the intention of taking it out again in a day or two , and carrying it to the French Embassy , or wherever he thought that a long price was to be had .
61090 The botanical samples collected by Hashimoto all across the large country are of great academic value , with some species that have gone extinct in the wild due to the submersion of fields by dam construction .
61134 The end of the Cold_War presented a situation where any political party can come into power , and while Japanese politics has come out of its 38-year domination by the Liberal_Democratic_Party , at the same time , the new politics has lost sight of the " value " of the political objective to replace the dead-end politics of influence peddling , thus sending Japanese politics as a whole into an aimless state .
61136 The time has come for us to sit down and start to plan on how we will again capture the " value " aspired by politics as well as define specific objectives that have real relevance in the context of post Cold_War world and the twenty-first century .
61173 While it was a zareuta ( witty poem ) that Mr._Amaya wrote while he was in charge of negotiations with the United_States at the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry , his true value lied in " Amaya 's view of history . "

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