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49133 Before us lay the dark bulk of the house , its serrated roof and bristling chimneys hard outlined against the silver- spangled sky .
60938 The majority fled to Vietnam , leaving the fishing industry to be maintained by the Cham .
61127 The majority of this course is designated as a restricted areas for foreigners , which further emphasizes the significance of this tour .
61427 It has been reported that he said , " It is an aberration for the government-run television stations to oppose the government chosen by the majority of the citizens , " and we must say that such a statement is an extremely unreasonable , disregarding the relationship between media and authority in a democratic society .
62063 While some of that fund is earmarked for repairs and maintenance , the majority goes to new projects .
100733 With the majority of the literate population bilingual , English and Mandarin are the most commonly used languages in daily life .
102602 A majority of these shows will be staged at the classy Tent@Orchard at the Ngee_Ann_City_Civic_Plaza in the heart of one of the best-known shopping thoroughfares in the world , Orchard_Road .
102778 The Buddhist community in Singapore is made up of various sectors , each of them offering variant ways of celebrating the occasion The_Mahayana or " Greater Way " constitutes mainly Chinese Singaporeans and form the majority of Buddhists here , and the Mahayana strain of Buddhism arrived on these shores in 1884 through individual missionaries from China 's southern province .
102939 Coming together as a society and living in harmony , there are four major races namely the Chinese ( majority ) , Malay , Indian and Eurasian .

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