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11217 Sherlock Holmes preserved his calm professional manner until our visitor had left us , although it was easy for me , who knew him so well , to see that he was profoundly excited .
11269 A dapper little man , with a quick , alert manner and a waxed moustache , had just descended from a high dog-cart .
11938 If he continued in this manner , getting out of hell may not be impossible .
13579 He was decidedly frigid in his manner to us , especially when he heard the errand upon which we had come .
13584 ' I 'd be very glad of a hint or two , ' said the detective , changing his manner .
13835 I was able at last to persuade my companion to take my advice , though I knew from his excited manner that there was not much hope of sleep for him .
60708 When he revealed his plans to Emiko , he acted in his usual lighthearted manner .
61239 " In order to pass muster in international society , first of all one must be good at communication . In pursuit of this , a minimum requirement is to acquire a mastery of foreign languages , especially English . Then it is desirable that one be able to look at things from a broad , global perspective , and to be able to associate with people in a natural manner . "
61263 It should be possible to look at things from other people 's perspective and , with a " sharing heart and mind , " to associate in a natural manner with the rest of the world 's people .
61763 As this is a problem of liquidity , it should be addressed in an aggressive manner .

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