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10437 I have no doubt that , in spite of the repairs , you could manage there for one night . "
10591 The sight of the safe , the saucer of milk , and the loop of whipcord were enough to finally dispel any doubts which may have remained .
10594 I heard the creature hiss as I have no doubt that you did also , and I instantly lit the light and attacked it . "
11123 If , on the other hand , it is systematic , I have no doubt that we shall get to the bottom of it .
11400 At first he had shown some disposition to assert his own position , but now he was overcome with admiration , and ready to follow without question wherever Holmes led .
11454 There can be no question that the latter as a reply to an appeal is far the most probable , and the circumstances pointed to its being a reply written by the lady .
13526 The poor devil has certainly got himself into very deep water , and it 's a question whether we shall ever be able to get him ashore .
18568 He saw the question in my eyes , and , putting his finger-tips together and his elbows upon his knees , he explained the situation .
18931 An examination by experts leaves little doubt that a personal contest between the two men ended , as it could hardly fail to end in such a situation , in their reeling over , locked in each other 's arms .
61883 It even calls into question if the government ever had a proper manual in the event a disaster strikes .

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