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61155 Before we lament that policy differences among political parties are so ambiguous and there are no real policies , we want to do the following .
61258 I should like to see us have the humility needed to " learn diversity , " and the tolerance and magnanimity needed to accept differences and diversity .
61451 While we appreciate that the opposition now has a larger framework with the formation of the New_Frontier_Party , the differences in political beliefs or agenda among the various parties that joined to form the new party were tucked away without being resolved and the number crunching to simply ensure their survival by addressing the single-seat constituency was made a priority .
61729 What is the difference between the " liberal " of the Preparatory_Committee and these variations ?
61938 This is the difference from living as evacuees in the ashes of war .
62030 In particular , comparing to the last speech that was delivered at the time when the Murayama administration was on the right track , a subtle difference in phrasing and reserved expressions was noticeable .
101497 Using only premium quality products imported from around the world , even the least discerning of diners will be able to taste the distinct difference of Les_Saveurs from other French establishments .
101708 The only difference is that Kuih_Bom often contains shredded sweetened coconut , as well as the occasional green or red bean paste .
102793 Billed as an experience for the stylish shopper , Orchard_Central has everything from fashion to food , including Singapore 's first Mediterranean-style marketplace , which also gives it a clear point of difference from other rival malls .
103994 The big difference is that the distances are not that long and they are at home nearly every evening .

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