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46895 The wagonette swung round into a side road , and we curved upwards through deep lanes worn by centuries of wheels , high banks on either side , heavy with dripping moss and fleshy harts-tongue ferns .
46902 The rattle of our wheels died away as we drove through drifts of rotting vegetation - sad gifts , as it seemed to me , for Nature to throw before the carriage of the returning heir of the Baskervilles .
46936 Through the gateway we passed into the avenue , where the wheels were again hushed amid the leaves , and the old trees shot their branches in a sombre tunnel over our heads .
46962 The wheels died away down the drive while Sir Henry and I turned into the hall , and the door clanged heavily behind us .
49071 Every stride of the horses and every turn of the wheels was taking us nearer to our supreme adventure .
50917 As he spoke there was the sharp sound of horses ' hoofs and grating wheels against the kerb , followed by a sharp pull at the bell .
51081 And good night , Watson , ' he added , as the wheels of the Royal brougham rolled down the street .
51237 There was a group of shabbily- dressed men smoking and laughing in a corner , a scissors- grinder with his wheel , two guardsmen who were flirting with a nurse- girl , and several well- dressed young men who were lounging up and down with cigars in their mouths .
101851 Discover Singapore 's ethnic heritage or opt for the ultimate retail therapy at one of the shopping malls or take the Singapore_Flyer , currently the world 's largest observation wheel .
103962 Tourist Enquiries_Hotel_Reservations_Free_City_Shuttle to Town * Free_Singapore_Tour ** Taxi_Tourist_Guide *** * Airport passengers who have at least 5 hours to spare in transit , can catch the Free_City_Shuttle to town ( scheduled at regular intervals ) , and hop onto the Singapore_Flyer , currently the world 's largest observation wheel , or to discover Singapore 's ethnic heritage at Little_India , or opt for retail therapy at Suntec_City or Bugis_Street ( subject to visa requirements ) .

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