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60005 They are engaged in fierce street battles with President_Dudayev 's troops in front of the palace .
60192 Children play in the street spinning a top .
60216 Fierce street fighting broke out in Mogadishu , the Capital_of_Somalia on December 31st .
60218 According to the report from Mogadishu , the explosion of rocket bombs is echoing across the city district around Bermuda , and the streets are occupied by armed soldiers .
60419 Raji_Sitar , who with his family runs a trading company dealing in electrical appliances and watches on a corner of this street , was born in Hong_Kong .
60697 Around 7:20 p.m. , December 31 , a karaoke house owner found smoke coming out of a post box on the street of Honmachi 1-chome , Kisshoji , Musashino_of_Tokyo , and police officers from a police box of Musashino_Police_Station , located at the east exit of Kisshoji_Station , extinguished the fire with water in a bucket .
60957 The numbers of French and Thai tourists have jumped considerably and the shopping streets that used to close early are now open late into the night .
100589 Offering a wide array of value-for-money merchandise and services , exciting promotional activities , street fare as well as international cuisine , City_Square_Mall is a miniature ' town-centre ' which provides the perfect setting for the community to meet , play and shop while acquiring an eco- learning experience .
101208 Watch as the crowds fill the streets and the stalls bustle with business .
101416 Named after the Sri_Mariamman_Temple , Singapore 's oldest Hindu temple , Pagoda_Street is a good location to admire the architecture of restored shophouses which flank the street , all featuring characteristic five-foot ways ( covered verandahs so named because of their width ) .

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