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10142 As I ran down the passage , my sister 's door was unlocked , and revolved slowly upon its hinges .
11321 The passage , as well as the room , was full of smoke and the smell of powder .
13286 There was a straight passage dimly lit which led from the room in which I had been working , and was the only exit from it .
13287 It ended in a curving staircase , with the commissionaire 's lodge in the passage at the bottom .
13288 Half-way down this staircase is a small landing , with another passage running into it at right angles .
13306 I ran frantically up the stairs and along the passage .
13359 ' Then we returned to the office , and searched the stairs and the passage without result .
13401 We heard her say , `` Mother , there are two men in the house waiting to see you , '' and an instant afterwards we heard the patter of feet rushing down the passage .
47481 It was thrown by a man who walked softly down the passage with a candle held in his hand .
47490 I crept down the passage as noiselessly as I could and peeped round the corner of the door .

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