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60355 " We procured all of the funding locally . We borrowed from banks , but we did not once need support from the head office , " chief editor Gu says proudly .
60367 They spend it exchanging information and recent news , forming groups in parks , sidewalks , and at the corners of office buildings .
60657 On the problem that a legal apprentice had investigated criminal suspects and made opening statements in criminal suits , which might be regarded as a violation of law , the Legal_Research and Training_Institute_of_the_Supreme_Court decided by December 31 to notify , " it was not appropriate , " to courts , prosecutors offices , and bar associations .
60687 Around 3:25 p.m. of December 31 , the Tokyo head office of Asahi_Shimbun ( 5-chome , Tsukiji , Chuo-ku , Tokyo ) reported to the Tsukiji_Police_Station , " Two suspicious cardboard boxes were delivered by courier service . "
60737 Sekino was a student at Hitotsubashi_University making plans to explore the Amazon for a_third time when Reiko applied to join at his office .
60888 Speaking passionately is the man in charge of the Louis_Vuitton_Cup races , Pat_Healey , in the office of the America_'s_Cup_Organizing_Committee overlooking San_Diego_Bay .
61067 The Japan_Federation_of_Bar_Associations said that each bar association should consult with concerned local public prosecutor 's offices for legal training to be based on the six principles , for example , judicial apprentices should sit in while prosecutors are conducting pretrial hearings .
61123 The Chinese government also recommended the plan to Pyongyang , based on their past achievements in China , and the Hyogo office of the pro-Pyongyang General_Association_of_Korean_Residents in Japan , located in Kobe , joined the campaign as well .
61471 According to the plan , the Ministry will eliminate 11 locations out of the existing local Food_Agency_Offices , one each in the 47 prefectures and metropolitan governments and 160 locations out of the current 361 branch offices of the Local_Food_Agency , downsizing by several thousand over the next five years .
61799 Securing manpower is also a challenge without social recognition and , even if it has been secured , social insurance is unavailable : moreover , as office and equipment are under an individual 's name , the reality is that there will be an inheritance tax problem when that individual dies .

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