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60859 The skipper is Marc_Bue , former tactician on the French yacht .
60985 After pushing our way through the tropical trees and water plants and slipping under a log bridge , suddenly the figures of little girls wearing pure white ao dai and abruptly standing come into view , as well as a church from the French colonial period .
100750 If you want to taste various cultural delicacies all in one place , you can head to open-air food centres such as Lau_Pa_Sat , Maxwell_Road_Food_Centre and many more , while for more comfortable dining choices , there is a whole selection of cuisines to choose from French , Italian , Japanese , Indian and more .
101497 Using only premium quality products imported from around the world , even the least discerning of diners will be able to taste the distinct difference of Les_Saveurs from other French establishments .
101528 Whether you 're in the mood for a Japanese dinner , a hearty Italian meal , or a casual French bistro experience , you 'll find it all in this little red dot .
101688 Under watchful guidance , he studied various types of cuisines including French and Japanese before climbing the kitchen hierarchy .
101931 It 's the product of a desire to bring the best of French comfort food to Singapore at affordable prices , as manifested in Chef_Francois_'s_South-West_French menu .
101936 Order the fish and seafood mains , such as the Roasted_Black_Cod with Potato_Croquette or a meaty dish like the Rib_of_Australian_Wagyu_Beef , and tuck into the sumptuous goodness of excellent French cuisine .
102729 Think French confections , pastries and enjoyable chocolates .
102875 His uncomplicated culinary style in bringing out the true delicate flavours of quality produce has earned him unequivocal recognition , with his culinary creations a fusion of traditional French with Mediterranean influences consistently exciting palettes .

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