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10525 By it he laid the box of matches and the stump of a candle .
11315 The door of the study was open , and a candle was burning upon the table .
11368 " Because the candle was not guttered . "
13919 He lit the two candles which stand upon the mantelpiece , and then he proceeded to turn back the corner of the carpet in the neighbourhood of the door .
13922 Out of this hiding-place he drew that little cylinder of paper , pushed down the board , rearranged the carpet , blew out the candles , and walked straight into my arms as I stood waiting for him outside the window .
46999 These rooms appeared to be much more modern than the central part of the house , and the bright paper and numerous candles did something to remove the sombre impression which our arrival had left upon my mind .
47481 It was thrown by a man who walked softly down the passage with a candle held in his hand .
100249 Selling lamps , photo frames , tableware , homeware and candle holders , Lim_'s_Arts and Living also carries rare silk cushion covers , trinket boxes and other unique souvenirs .
102556 Traditional Malay dancers occasionally also use props such as candle dishes , rice sieves and paper umbrellas in their dance to illustrate the traditions associated with the music .
102772 Devotees often bring simple offerings of flowers , candles and joss-sticks to lay at the feet of their spiritual teacher .

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