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61118 A cycling group comprising teachers and company workers , " Hyogo_Ishikoro_Association , " plans to travel by bicycle about 200_kilometers from Pyongyang , the capital of the Democratic_People_'s_Republic_of_Korea , across the border and northward to Tantung , China , in August this year .
61119 The DPRK is examining measures to open its doors , including a plan to hold an event this April with invited pro wrestlers and boxers , but it is the first time for the nation to admit foreigners to travel by bike in its territory .
61126 From Pyongyang , they will travel north along the western coast on bike , and from Shinuiju , they will go over the Yalu_Jiang , a river that forms the border between the two countries , toward Tantung , Liaoning_Province_of_China ; the course stretches for about 200_kilometers , and will last over a couple of nights .
61953 There have been a conspicuous number of private volunteers on their way to Kobe on foot or on bicycles carrying food or daily essentials .
100082 Unleash the eco warrior in you pump up the pedal and circumnavigate around the island on a bicycle .
101072 A cacophony of car horns , bicycle bells and vibrant chatter of its residents , Little_India is one of the most vibrant and culturally authentic districts of Singapore .

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