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10058 As to reward , my profession is its own reward ; but you are at liberty to defray whatever expenses I may be put to , at the time which suits you best .
18702 ' The practice is quiet , ' said I , ' and I have an accommodating neighbour .
55830 ' Now a pawnbroker 's business is mostly done of an evening , Mr. Holmes , especially Thursday and Friday evening , which is just before pay-day ; so it would suit me very well to earn a little in the mornings .
55832 ' '' That would suit me very well , '' said I .
101095 With more than 30 food and beverage outlets serving Western , Chinese , Thai , Indonesia and Korean cuisine , you 'll also be sure to find something you that suits your palate .
101857 SMRT provides a host of ticketing schemes based on stored value smartcards to suit your needs from standard one-time travel tickets to tourist concession passes .
101895 On the other hand , Pek_Sin_Choon , established in 1925 , has been creating new concoctions to suit different tastes , from its signature Charm_of_Buddha_Palm tea to its unique Unknown_Fragrance tea .
101975 Here , you 'll find several cheap eateries as well as more pricey restaurants , offering a range of dining experiences to suit your budget .
103194 Beyond its aesthetics , the service and presentation of its signature dishes like Stir-fried_Shark_'s_Fin and Wanton with Seafood are also fit for a prince .
103342 In the intervening period , the 60- year- old has gone to establish the company as one that focuses on adapting plays to suit relevant sensitivities and producing a stage aesthetic that is both mystical and sophisticated .

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