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11379 There were twenty fifty -pound notes of the Bank of England , held together by an india-rubber band -- nothing else .
13183 He dipped into this bottle or that , drawing out a few drops of each with his glass pipette , and finally brought a test-tube containing a solution over to the table .
18800 I was still looking rather ruefully after the rapidly disappearing luggage van which contained my wardrobe , when Holmes pulled my sleeve and pointed up the line .
60688 As the boxes were heavy , weighing five and twelve_kilograms respectively , the Station and the Metropolitan_Police_Department suspected the possibility of the boxes containing explosives , and dispatched a bomb squad of about fifty members , and opened them over approximately three hours using such measures as freezing them .
100621 Purists will be delighted to know that Chef_Iaccarino grows his own herbs , fruits and vegetables , and every meal at his restaurant contains the purest of ingredients that are sowed in the mineral rich region of Campania .
101708 The only difference is that Kuih_Bom often contains shredded sweetened coconut , as well as the occasional green or red bean paste .
102967 Both the Sri_Mariamman_Temple and Jamae_Mosque on South_Bridge_Road are among the oldest places of worship in Singapore , while a little further on down the road , you can also find the visually stunning Buddha_Tooth_Relic_Temple , which reputedly contains a tooth of the Buddha .
103369 Made from the finest and freshest ingredients , these mooncakes contain no preservatives .
103743 Mooncakes are usually round or square shaped , and are made up of a thin skin covering a sweet dense filling , sometimes containing salted egg yolks .
104231 The latest addition to the Garibaldi_Group_of_Restaurants , Gattopardo is an Italian pizza bar that features food from southern Italy and bears a range of style and taste from zesty to delicate .

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