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47912 Twice I have with my own ears heard the sound which resembled the distant , baying of a hound .
60305 His designs resemble life sketches turned into patterns and incorporate motifs such as grass , fish and shellfish with a benevolent or humorous touch , all perceived by his keen eye .
100153 TRADE MARKS AND SYMBOLS : The " MERLION SYMBOL " , " BOARD'S SYMBOL " , are protected by virtue of Sections 24 and 25 of the Singapore_Tourism_Board_Act ( Chapter 305B ) , and any unauthorised use of these SYMBOLS of STB or representations closely resembling them constitute offences punishable under the law .
101154 Each dancer takes on the kind of poise and flexibility that will enable him or her to resemble the movements of a dancing flame .
101715 Jian_Dui , with its golden colour and round shape , resembling gold coins , is a symbol of fortune and wealth .
102654 Alternatively , head towards Joo_Chiat to a coffeeshop called Eng_Seng_Restaurant for its sister dish , the black pepper crab .
104076 Au Jardin is meant to resemble ‘Relais et Chateaux ' restaurants found in Europe , and features paintings by renowned local artist Chua_Mia_Tee .

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