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46252 Might I ask you to hand me my violin , and we will postpone all further thought upon this business until we have had the advantage of meeting Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville in the morning . '
60109 Several members , including Yamahana consider that they will form a preparatory committee for their own new party before the summoning of an ordinary session of the Diet , because they are afraid that " the formation of the new party may be postponed after the next session of the Diet , followed by budget debates and the unified local elections . "
60277 While the US says , " There was great progress , " it wanted to finalize the details of issues like deregulation of the development of new products in the bond market , the corporate market , and deregulation of operation of employees ' pension fund , which led to putting off the end result .
60534 The practice of sealing the next move to be played when a game is held over to the following day and the time limit system were also introduced at the Honinbo tournament .
61455 Aware of the election , the Murayama administration prepared the lavish popularity-seeking 1995 budget , contrary to its call for an efficient " small government , " and postponed the policy to work its fingers to the bones for the citizens .
61514 During the process prior to reaching the decision , the substance of the policy outline had already been set back from the original concept due to the conflicts among the central government offices and the opposition from the parliamentarians representing special interest groups .

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