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10013 She is waiting now in the sitting-room .
10529 The shutters cut off the least ray of light , and we waited in absolute darkness .
10533 Twelve struck , and one and two and three , and still we sat waiting silently for whatever might befall .
11508 We waited in silence for a minute -- one of those minutes which one can never forget .
60504 In the hallway outside the playing room , reporters were holding their breath waiting for the end of the game .
60673 On the night of December 31 , approaches to temples and shrines nationwide were jam-packed with people who could not wait until New_Year_'s_Day to pay the year 's first visit .
60788 The race has really already begun while waiting for the start signal .
61289 As they may have been waiting to see Europe 's specific demand on Japan and what the US would do first , there were no in-depth discussions at the meeting of the Accelerator_Science_Subcommittee_of_Academic_Committee_of_the_Science_Council in the Ministry_of_Education , and the experts who had direct dealings with accelerators approved of the participation among themselves .
100862 Creamy tonkotsu ramen can also be enjoyed at Ippudo 's first outlet in Singapore , although its high popularity means you might have to wait in line a while .
101926 Most of their dishes are sold out by lunch so do go early , but be prepared to wait , at this extremely popular eatery .

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