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18736 A chill of fear had come over me , as I thought that his absence might mean that some blow had fallen during the night .
46567 That means that while they are , as we have seen , very anxious to watch him , they are equally anxious that he should not see them .
60274 This means the interest rate on loans for a year will be 10.62_% .
61212 But from the point of view of some segments of the business world , it is comfortable to be under government control since this tends to mean there will be no new entrants in their business fields and thus competition will be limited .
61384 A long trial does not mean that it is done to the full .
61503 Decentralization also means it will destroy the triangle of politicians , bureaucrats and big business that support the centralization of power .
61738 One has to wonder what all this means now that another new word , " civil-liberal " has emerged , and the definition of liberal is becoming less and less within grasp .
100862 Creamy tonkotsu ramen can also be enjoyed at Ippudo 's first outlet in Singapore , although its high popularity means you might have to wait in line a while .
102974 The end of the races each day does not mean the partying and enjoyment has to end as well .
103913 This is a good yardstick because when you have a subscription base it means that going to the theatre is an ingrained thing .

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