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61171 It was Mr._Naohiro_Amaya who preached the " Chonin_Kokka_Ron " during his tenure as an official at the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry .
61474 The Food_Agency ' business is the control of rice and it has been performing duties such as rice inspections , instructing and monitoring distributors , and other related tasks .
61490 More than a_half of the Food_Agency staff are rice inspectors and even under the new system the inspection is being performed on both the government-purchased rice and the voluntarily marketed rice .
61631 " Money is God " seems to be pervasive in our society these days and there has been a conspicuous number of homicide cases over money .
61669 Until recently the Social_Democratic_Party , of which the prime minister is a member , had challenged the government in the Diet over the interpretation of this clause .
61709 In addition , if the industrial trade unions , which have a high basic pay and are the pacesetters for wage hikes , are contained , then it may lead to labor 's indulgence towards employers .
61773 The girl who committed suicide was one of the leading players , a catcher and the Assistant_Captain of the team , but she was pulled out of a practice game for a throwing error and was ordered to practice sliding into base beside the field as punishment .
61778 She was the top javelin thrower in the prefecture and had shown great promise for the future .
61844 For Mr._Kono , who was not a factional leader , to be made the leader as the banner man of the party revitalization gave a true account of the sense of crisis within the LDP , and numerous issues to be discussed concerning party reform such as the review of the fundamental direction of the party , the strengthening of self-purification capability , the elimination of factions , and whether or not to adopt a mandatory retirement system , were brought up at the convention .
61888 Japan is an archipelago that can not escape earthquakes .

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