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10490 We are only just in time to prevent some subtle and horrible crime . "
11274 I came in the hope of preventing it . "
11278 Meanwhile , since it is too late to prevent this tragedy , I am very anxious that I should use the knowledge which I possess in order to insure that justice be done .
13509 I dare say my severe illness prevented him from being that .
13881 Then he fell back into an arm-chair , so limp and exhausted with his own emotions that we had to pour brandy down his throat to keep him from fainting .
46425 There is no devil in hell , Mr Holmes , and there is no man upon earth who can prevent me from going to the home of my own people , and you may take that to be my final answer . '
47454 He helps to keep our lives from being monotonous and gives a little comic relief where it is badly , needed .
47607 Is there anything that would prevent me from making a good husband to a woman that I loved ? '
61363 While some may have mixed feelings about such collaborations abroad when patient identification and compensation issues concerning the Minamata_Disease are still unresolved at home , Japan 's experience in epidemiological surveys and medical care must be made available at all costs to cure mercury poisoning and to keep it from spreading .
61425 It is a rule in democratic society that mass media keep an arm 's length from the political power and to maintain the appropriate tension between the two .

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