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61063 The Japan_Federation_of_Bar_Associations too is increasingly endorsing the view that delivery of opening statements by judicial apprentices is a deviation from accepted criminal proceedings and it intends to investigate , through local bar associations in Japan , how legal training is actually conducted , including the training method for pretrial hearings .
61067 The Japan_Federation_of_Bar_Associations said that each bar association should consult with concerned local public prosecutor 's offices for legal training to be based on the six principles , for example , judicial apprentices should sit in while prosecutors are conducting pretrial hearings .
61369 According to the studies conducted by the National_Institute_of_Amazon_Research and physicians at state hospitals , a dangerous level of mercury exceeding the safety standard defined by the World_Health_Organization has been found in the hair and blood of gold diggers and fishing people .
61442 According to the opinion poll conducted last month by the Mainichi_Newspapers , 44 percent of respondents " do not support any party , " up 3 percent over the previous survey in September , thus indicating the further acceleration of voters ' " estrangement from politics . "
61446 According to the poll conducted in August of the year before last , immediately after the Hosokawa administration was established , the approval rating for supporting the Cabinet was a record-breaking 75 percent , 9 percent for " do not support " and 14 percent for " not interested . "
61588 Further , the safe storage of the used nuclear fuel removed from the experimental reactors was conducted under IAEA supervision .
61788 In a survey conducted by the Iwate_Prefecture_Teachers ' Union with former junior high and high school students , to the question of " What students did not want teachers to ever say again , " the answers included . " You are stupid " ; " do not come to school anymore " ; " I wish you were dead " ; and , " I do not even want to see your face . "
61912 The Tokyo_Metropolitan_Government conducted a study four years ago on the anticipated damage in the event of an earthquake in the same magnitude of the Great_Kanto_Earthquake .
62005 We suggest that we find dangerous active faults , put a hold on development in surrounding areas and conduct detailed surveys .
62135 If the concerned municipalities are familiar with one another down to the narrow back roads and know how they will conduct the rescue operation in times of disaster , then it will be helpful when the time does come .

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