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60422 In the 1950s he opened a Western clothing shop in Japan targeting American military personnel , and his Japanese is still good .
60601 A pre-Olympic Games will be opening on the scene .
100223 Located in the newly opened PARCO_Marina_Bay store , it is a unique fashion incubator set up to groom aspiring designers .
100618 So when the young Chef_Iaccarino announced to his family that he was going to open his own restaurant after he had graduated , it came as no surprise that they disapproved of the idea .
100619 But he persisted with his dream and opened Don_Alfonso 1890 within his family hotel in the southern Italian town of Sant'Agata sui due Golfi .
100824 Resorts World\xE2\x84 \xA2 Sentosa is the first ever integrated resort on Sentosa island , bringing with it highly anticipated and exciting new attractions such as Universal_Studios_Singapore® and Voyage de la Vie\xE2\x84 \xA2 , FestiveWalk\xE2\x84 \xA2 , and the yet to open Marine_Life_Park\xE2\x84 \xA2 .
100837 Lovers of underwater life can look forward to the Marine_Life_Park at the integrated resort when it opens .
100839 If you are an avid sea adventurer , you 'll be delighted to visit the Maritime_Xperiential_Museum\xE2\x84 \xA2 when it opens in 2011 .
101017 The makeover project ( to turn the complex into three different parts ) was completed in 1909 when Victoria_Theatre officially opened .
101331 Singapore unveils a transformed landscape with the opening of the two anticipated entertainment destinations - Marina Bay Sands® and Resorts_World\xE2\x84 \xA2 Sentosa , along with the newly revamped Orchard_Road and Singapore_River .

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