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10453 At dusk we saw Dr. Grimesby Roylott drive past , his huge form looming up beside the little figure of the lad who drove him .
11047 It consists of a number of absurd little figures dancing across the paper upon which they are drawn .
11269 A dapper little man , with a quick , alert manner and a waxed moustache , had just descended from a high dog-cart .
13238 She was a striking- looking woman , a little short and thick for symmetry , but with a beautiful olive complexion , large , dark Italian eyes , and a wealth of deep black hair .
13578 Holmes had already wired to Forbes , and we found him waiting to receive us : a small , foxy man , with a sharp but by no means amiable expression .
46802 I 'd put him at forty years of age , and he was of a middle height , two or three inches shorter than you , sir .
46893 The coachman , a hard- faced , gnarled little fellow , saluted Sir Henry Baskerville , and in a few minutes we were flying swiftly down the broad , white road .
47054 The cabman had described a somewhat shorter man , but such an impression might easily have been erroneous .
47087 He was a small , slim , clean-shaven , prim- faced man , flaxen- haired and lean- jawed , between thirty and forty years of age , dressed in a grey suit and wearing a straw hat .
48498 I brought Cartwright down with me - you remember the little chap at the Express office - and he has seen after my simple wants : a loaf of bread and a clean collar .

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