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13588 He left the Guards with a good character , and we can find nothing against him .
45751 And he left five years ago - the date is on the stick .
45800 I married , and so left the hospital , and with it all hopes of a consulting practice .
46984 ' Do you mean that your wife and you wish to leave ? '
47709 ' Then you leave my employment right away . '
60000 Prime Minister_Tomiichi_Murayama on the 28th held a press conference with Cabinet reporters for the new year at his official residence and said of the New_Democratic_League members ' move to break away from the Socialist_Party_of_Japan , " It will not affect the administration . Even if there are some who will actually leave the party , I think the move would not extend any further , " indicating that this issue would not result in the formation of a mass breakaway group .
60021 I believe that concerning the establishment of the new party , our opinion is almost the same as that of those who are reported to be leaving our party .
60022 I can not understand why they should leave our party now .
60110 Whether they should leave the party or not is uncertain , but for the time being , the most important will be the number of members who participate in the preparatory committee .
101407 However , the merger proved unsuccessful , and less than two years later on 9 August 1965 , Singapore left Malaysia to become an independent and sovereign democratic nation .

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