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45820 The man drew out paper and tobacco and twirled the one up in the other with surprising dexterity .
47383 Then a very surprising circumstance occurred , which I shall tell you in due course .
47455 And now , having brought you up to date on the escaped convict , the Stapletons , Dr Mortimer , and Frankland of Lafter Hall , let me end on that which is most important and tell you more about the Barrymores , and especially about the surprising development of last night .
101238 Besides its stunning view , Jaan also takes Essentialist dining to greater heights with elegant meal courses , adding surprising touches in taste and impressive life-like interpretations of museum quality displays .
101414 The Chinatown trail brings you on a journey of interesting and surprising finds , beginning at Pagoda_Street .
102414 Creatively-styled concoctions like the Amedei_Chilli_Chocolate and the English_Sticky_Toffee_Pudding are two of the more appreciated items on the menu , while anyone who 's visited would recommend the Araguani_H2O , a 72 percent Valrhona chocolate cake infused with Evian mineral water and with a surprising caramel mousse centre .
103208 Hence , it is not surprising that Tambuah_Mas is actually an Indonesia term for requesting for more food .
104098 There is also a large selection of Indian apparel and accessories available here , which is not surprising , considering its location .
104328 With the world 's busiest port located in Singapore , it is not surprising that numerous ports and tropical destinations are just a few sailing days away .

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