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47088 A tin box for botanical specimens hung over his shoulder , and he carried a green butterfly- net in one of his hands .
47186 That is where the rare plants and the butterflies are , if you have the wit to reach them . '
47571 It was Stapleton with his butterfly- net .
48403 As I approached the hut , walking as warily as Stapleton would do when with poised net he drew near the settled butterfly , I satisfied myself that the place had indeed been used as a habitation .
48536 In that impassive , colourless man , with his straw hat and his butterfly- net , I seemed to see something terrible - a creature of infinite patience and craft , with a smiling face and a murderous heart .
48902 We have him , Watson , we have him , and I dare swear that before to-morrow night he will be fluttering in our net as helpless as one of his own butterflies .
49239 The room had been fashioned into a small museum , and the walls were lined by a number of glass- topped cases full of that collection of butterflies and moths the formation of which had been the relaxation of this complex and dangerous man .
103620 The shop features the work of artist Bebe_Seet , who creates beautiful Peranakan artworks that often utilise flower , bird and butterfly motifs .

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