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60012 No political vacuum can be permitted when we have urgent and significant problems both in and out of Japan .
60039 Rather , the United_Nations has a significant role to play in an extensive range of issues on the global environment , population , foods , and others .
60042 To be employed as a nonexempt employee of Kochi_Pref . , having Japanese nationality is essential .
60058 The Ministry_of_Finance , which has strong power and has come to be criticized as if they are " the root of all evil , " is required to divide its duties not only by other ministries but also by foreign countries , and almost openly discussed are the abolition of the Ministry_of_Foreign_Affairs and the Ministry_of_International_Trade and Industry , consolidation of the Ministry_of_Construction with the Ministry_of_Agriculture , and privatization of the Ministry_of_Posts and Telecommunications .
60177 The Republican_Party has also recently started to push harder line policies , insisting , " It is unacceptable that Russia has a veto over the future of NATO or the U.S. role in Europe , " and , " The United_States shall act as the winner of the Cold_War . "
60215 Although Chubais tries to confront Polevanov 's policy of reviewing privatization , the latter is reported to hold more support in the Cabinet .
60267 Many people have a view that the US made the move judging that the direct service will be realized soon .
60337 With its vast land holdings , Canada has a national policy of accepting immigrants and the immigration policy up to year 2000 included 190,000 to 215,000 people .
60426 Raji makes monthly trips to China , visiting such places as Shanghai , Guangzhou and Shenzhen , and they have plans to ship goods to the interior of China as well .
60433 Raji himself holds British citizenship , but among the 25,000 Indian residents , five to six_thousand have neither British nor Indian citizenship , holding only Hong_Kong residency .

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