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11019 Here are the missing links of the very simple chain : 1 . You had chalk between your left finger and thumb when you returned from the club last night .
45776 ' For the very simple reason that I see the dog himself on our very doorstep , and there is the ring of its owner .
46336 The other words were all simple , and might be found in any issue , but `` moor '' would be less common . '
48498 I brought Cartwright down with me - you remember the little chap at the Express office - and he has seen after my simple wants : a loaf of bread and a clean collar .
49341 ' The whole course of events , ' said Holmes , ' from the point of view of the man who called himself Stapleton , was simple and direct , although to us , who had no means in the beginning of knowing the motives of his actions and could only learn part of the facts , it all appeared exceedingly complex .
60046 Although many people may feel that this simple idea is too vague and fragile , this must be a proof and a message to " change Japan " to overcome the problems at the confused turning point .
100529 This simple yet deliciously dish from Tian_Tian_Hainanese_Chicken_Rice is full of complex flavours , hence it is no wonder that it remains the favourite of many locals today .
101531 The dish is simple : bite-sized pieces of steamed white chicken , fragrant rice ( it 's pre-fried in chicken fat and cooked in chicken broth ) , light or dark soy sauce , and a delicious ground chilli and ginger paste .
101537 Simple yet tasty , Hainanese chicken rice is Singaporeans ' choice comfort food , making it another must-try .
102501 Helmed by German_Chef_Frank_Kilian , Pontini 's culinary style is evident in simple yet tantalising dishes that are innovative and well-prepared .

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