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11439 The object of those who invented the system has apparently been to conceal that these characters convey a message , and to give the idea that they are the mere random sketches of children .
11531 " I have nothing to hide from you , gentlemen , " said he .
13316 ' You were satisfied that he could not have been concealed in the room all the time , or in the corridor which you have just described as dimly lighted ? '
13318 A rat could not conceal himself either in the room or the corridor .
13915 ' He was bare-headed , but he had a black cloak thrown over his shoulder , so that he could conceal his face in an instant if there were any alarm .
13941 What was vital was overlaid and hidden by what was irrelevant .
13944 When I heard that someone had been so anxious to get into the bedroom , in which no one but Joseph could have concealed anything - you told us in your narrative how you had turned Joseph out when you arrived with the doctor - my suspicions all changed to certainties , especially as the attempt was made on the first night upon which the nurse was absent , showing that the intruder was well acquainted with the ways of the house . '
13950 ' He made his way to Woking by the first train , and , having examined his booty , and assured himself that it really was of immense value , he concealed it in what he thought was a very safe place , with the intention of taking it out again in a day or two , and carrying it to the French Embassy , or wherever he thought that a long price was to be had .
46500 A clever man upon so delicate an errand has no use for a beard save to conceal his features .
104240 As he transcends into a land of fantasy from the modern world , he uncovers the hidden depths of his imagination to find meaning and fulfillment .

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